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Daddy relationships:' UC Berkeley, SF county children Become sugary foods infants to afford college tuition, excessive cost-of-living in san francisco bay area

UC Berkeley manufactured's total of the fastest developing sweets newly born baby schools of 2016. A minimum of 194 SF State students are now authorized as sugar infants on the internet site

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The pricey living in san francisco bay area isnt forgotten on any person, particularly millennials, who will be fighting to generate edges satisfy each and every day.

Amid states adults you live on rice and waters and can't give lease, some are hitting all the way up shady escort-like associations, expecting "sugars daddies" enable pay his or her expense.

In a write-up called "father relationship at SF county," San Francisco county Universitys college student publication, the Xpress, stated that at least 194 people are presently sugar infants of the dating internet site The info comes directly from this site, which portrays alone as someplace "where breathtaking, winning group fuel mutually helpful affairs."


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One self-identified "sugars newly born baby" instructed the Xpress, "I needed dollars." A student explained taking place a night out together with a "glucose father" at an Italian bistro.

"they called myself a car, in addition to being I had been exiting, they provided me with $600. He had been like, 'I am sure you ought to get their toenails finished not to mention pay out your rent.' That was my allocation," the student instructed the Xpress.