Browse our Assistance Center To get more troubleshooting and information guidelines.

Browse our Assistance Center To get more troubleshooting and information guidelines.

Browse our Assistance Center To get more troubleshooting and information guidelines.


Pro-Series В® Probes Exclusive to Signals, DOT, ChefAlarm, Smoke, and Smoke X. Pro-Series heat probes are developed to final in commercial kitchen areas. The included Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe steps to 572В°F with a cable maximum temp to 700В°F for short term publicity. This is actually the greatest ranked probe of their course. Probes shop away within the included cushioned situation for storage space. Pro-Series probes try not to run along with other items.

Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) & Smartphone App – available these days Get Smoke by ThermoWorks. Make use of the RF that is wireless regularity) receiver observe your chefs as much as 300 foot away. You’ll be able to include Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) to your set-up and obtain readings in your cellular phone or tablet, anywhere! Smoke Gateway works together with your current Smoke. You’ll not have to purchase a new Smoke. Smoke Gateway gets the RF signal from Smoke and uses your Wi-Fi to transfer to your software. MSRP $89.

Smoke FAQ

1. Will Smoke work along with other ThermoWorks probes? This will depend. Smoke accepts all Pro-Series В® Probes that additionally utilize DOT В® and ChefAlarm В® . These probes function a headphone-jack-style connector. Smoke will not accept the two-prong plug-style thermocouple probes that work with ThermaQ В® along with other ThermoWorks handheld thermometers.

2. Will the Smoke receiver work inside the house? Will Smoke send through the garden to inside the house? Definitely. The Smoke Receiver will get the signal from Smoke up to 300 legs away with a“line that is clear of.” The maximum distance may be less than 300 feet depending upon the number and type of walls between the Receiver and the Smoke unit inside your house.

3. Exactly how is Smoke not the same as my ChefAlarm? Smoke takes two probes which can be shown simultaneously, whereas the ChefAlarm has only one. Smoke includes a receiver which allows one to monitor conditions remotely from as much as 300 foot away. The ChefAlarm will not. The ChefAlarm features a timer that isn’t on Smoke. Both Smoke and ChefAlarm feature high and low alarms and constant Min/Max senior dating sites reviews displays. Both accept the same Pro-Series В® Probes.

4. Just how is Smoke distinctive from my ThermaQ? Smoke utilizes Pro-Series В® Probes with thermistor kind sensors. ThermaQ utilizes thermocouple that is type-K known for increased precision and durability. Smoke includes a receiver which allows one to remotely track temperatures from as much as 300 foot away. The ThermaQ will not. Both Smoke and ThermaQ component two channels with a high and low alarms and constant Min/Max displays for every single channel. The probes aren’t appropriate between Smoke and ThermaQ.

5. What’s the Smoke Gateway and exactly how does it work? The Smoke Gateway is an accessory that is add-on works together with your Smoke devices. The Gateway hardware connection gets the cordless RF signal from Smoke and utilizes your current Wi-Fi system to push the readings to your Smartphone or Tablet App. Each Smoke Gateway will be able to work with only 1 Smoke.

6. Will Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) make use of my current Smoke or do i want buying a new Smoke base device? Smoke Gateway works together with your current Smoke. You’ll not have to purchase a smoke that is new. Smoke Gateway just retrieves the transmission that is wireless Smoke and pushes it to your Smartphone.

7. Can Smoke be employed to monitor two meat conditions? Yes. Any pro-Series will be accepted by both Smoke channels В® Probes. You are able to track two temperatures that are meat two atmosphere conditions or use the Pro-Series В® Needle Probe to track Sous Vide conditions or the 12-inch Pro-Series В® Probe to trace homebrew mash temperatures. Smoke includes one tall Temp Penetration Probe for meat and another tall Temp Air Probe & Grate Clip for the pit. Optional probes are for sale to a number of cooking applications.

8. What exactly is Radio Frequency (RF) and exactly how does it change from Wi-Fi? RF is a straightforward, robust, and dependable cordless technology for delivering your Smoke temperature information into the Smoke Receiver. Your Smoke and Smoke Receiver come pre-paired in out from the field and certainly will long remain paired as as they stay within distance. Wi-Fi makes use of radio signals in order to connect products towards the internet and needs extra equipment, setup and connection protocols.

What exactly is an internet protocol address Rating?

an internet protocol address score, also called “Overseas Protection” or “Ingress Protection” rating, is a value assigned to an item that determines its susceptibility to ingress from solids and fluids. The very first numeric digit pertains to the degree of protection against solid things, while the 2nd digit that is numeric the amount of security against fluid ingress. Simply click for a table of IP score values.

IP65 – No ingress of dirt (6); security from water ingress: Low stress jets of water (5).

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