Ph.d. forsvar ved Helle Gerbild. People going to cardiac additional prohibition and treatment program did actually prospectively take health professionals’ tackle of sex

Ph.d. forsvar ved Helle Gerbild. People going to cardiac additional prohibition and treatment program did actually prospectively take health professionals’ tackle of sex

Ph.d. forsvar ved Helle Gerbild. People going to cardiac additional prohibition and treatment program did actually prospectively take health professionals’ tackle of sex

Klinisk Institut, Aalborg Universitet har den gl?de at invitere til Ph.d.-forsvar ved Helle Gerbild, som forsvarer Ph.d.-afhandlingen: growth of the elaborate Intervention: – regular exercise to decrease Vascular erection problems


13.04.2021 kl. 13.00 – 16.00


Forsvaret seeker sted

Tirsdag den 13. april 2021 kl. 13.

Pa grund af covid-19 finder forsvaret sted online via focus. Tilmelding skal ske til


Relate Mentor, Birgitte Schantz Laursen, RN, MSc, PhD Section of Medical Medication, Aalborg University

Professor, Kristina Areskoug-Josefsson, RPT, MSc, PhD Faculty of Medical Reports, VID Specialty Institution, Norway

Instructing Helper Professor, Camilla Marie Larsen, PT, MHS, PhD Department of Activities Medicine and Hospital Biomechanics, SDU


Connect teacher, Jane Andreasen, PT, MLP, PhD (president) team of wellness Science and engineering, Aalborg University

Mentor, Karen La Cour, OT, MSc., PhD Owner Views and Community-based Interventions, SDU

Professor, Kari Bo, PT Section of Fitness Medicine, Norwegian College of Sport Sciences, Norway

Om ph.d.-afhandlingen

The general aim of the project is continuing growth of the sophisticated intervention: Physical Activity to cut back Vascular Male erectile dysfunction (PAVED).

Encouraged physical exercise to minimize vascular ED shall add in supervised education which includes 40 minutes of cardio workouts of moderate to high intensity 4 periods every week.

Males attendance heart secondary deterrence and rehab program did actually prospectively recognize health care professionals’ handle of sexuality, male erecticle dysfunction (ED) and the informatioin needed for PAVED, if health professionals become knowledgeable and capable in neuro-scientific sexual health and are behaving skillfully. Fortunately they are aware about ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘which’ the workers must provide PAVED, and that’s a fundamental expertise when making the principles of info about PAVED.

In addition, a lot of Danish health professional people claimed beneficial attitudes and a need for fundamental facts, skills, connection classes and training in neuro-scientific handling reproductive health.

In general, across the consisted of researches, the conclusions inside PhD draw have added to building an indications and need-driven bottom for intervention studies around the complex input PAVED, coupled with increasing knowledge of the necessity of coaching long-term medical care carriers in sexual health.


Department of Scientific Drug, Aalborg University

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