It’s the dating app that is latest for females searching for females, but what’s the software

It’s the dating app that is latest for females searching for females, but what’s the software

It’s the dating app that is latest for females searching for females, but what’s the software

known as following a sex that is lesbian, everything about?

It’s becoming tipped once the lesbian same in principle as Grindr, but “classier”, a online dating application “for lesbians, by lesbians”: introducing, the none-too-subtly named, Scissr.

The cost-free application, which are accessible on iOS and Android os, will complete a space into the women-seeking-women app market.

The creation regarding the Chicago-based climbing instructor Allison Ullrich, Scissr claims it can provide a “mind-blowing” experience.

After suffering from luck that is little the better traditional going out with strategies of club moving and mingling with good friends, Ullrich hit to the notion of Scissr.

“I think just what produced the thought would be life – reality – and conversations I’ve got using my good friends relationships that are regarding women,” she told DNAinfo.

Ullrich had been unhappy with heterosexual-focused software and web sites for instance OkCupid, Match and Tinder.

Tinder, by way of example, will frequently purge men as choices for women who have actually ready their unique choices for other women.

The software enables individuals to transfer three pictures plus a bio that is short. Photo: Scissr

Aided by the the assistance of her friend, Adnan Beck and creators Ora involved, Scissr was born.

Users need to be over 18, and tend to be able to publish three pictures and compose a bio of 300 statement.

The application will include personal messages, therefore the click site solution to “crush” on the individual or mix them with a “wish list”. There is going to also be choices, including: “hookup”; relationship and“love”; “networking”; and “friendship”.

Sex choices to pick from are: lezzie, bisexual and “curious”.

As with other romance and messaging applications, Scissr will be able to work with GPS information to acquire likely relationship solutions inside a area close to the consumer, but unlike various other software, won’t geofence to limit possible matches to a several proximity.

Scissr would be the latest dating application on the market that is gay

Scissr is not the initial software designed towards gay females: Daatch, Brenda and Wing Ma’am happen to be available on the market and have shown common.

And web pages for instance Pink Cupid, Pink Lobster and DivaDate likewise are available. But Ullrich expectations Scissr may offer a whole lot more.

“We want to connect and advertise individuals in the LGBT community through all of our separate or discussed national interests,” she said.

There’s no release time however for Scissr, yet the site promises that the app is ahem that is( “coming soon”.

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